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The Ultimate Social Media Update, May 2018 by Karen

Today, around seven in 10 Americans use social media to connect with friends and family, engage with content, share information, and entertain themselves. As the social media landscape continues to…

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Finding The Right Fit

Before you say “yes” to your next job, make sure you click with its culture. Our ECD Luciana Cani offers her insights on how to find happiness and success in your career.

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Stay curious.

What’s the secret to staying in love with your profession? Consider having an open relationship with it. LAPIZ’s ECD Luciana Cani reflects on how to keep the creative spark alive in your career.

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Silver at Cannes!

Our work for The Mexico Tourism Board has been awarded a Silver Lion at the 2017 Cannes Festival for Creativity.


A cloud that rains...Tequila

For the third year in a row we partnered with the Mexico Tourism Board to encourage Germans to escape their cold and rainy winter and head to warm and sunny Mexico. This time, we combined the Mexican…

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What Brands Can Learn from Food Trucks and Hip-Hop

Food trucks and hip-hop each began within small communities as a largely unknown phenomenon. LAPIZ worked with Contagious to uncover how they took off and grew into the powerful cultural forces they are…

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