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Allstate Foundation


One of the least addressed aspects of domestic violence is financial abuse. Allstate’s Purple Purse initiative is doing their part to make a difference. We wanted to help bring awareness to this issue, so we created a campaign that illustrates the emotional and physical suffering that a victim of this kind of abuse goes through.

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Should you give little dogs food made for big dogs? Purina doesn’t think so. That’s why they created Dog Chow Little Bites, a dog food especially made for small breeds. In this playful radio spot, we hear a hypothetical scenario that could occur when a small dog receives the wrong kind of food. And just a warning: it’s not pretty.

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Advance Auto Parts


To highlight the Hispanic D.I.Yers' passion for fixing cars, we show a group of car guys getting together. They have fun while doing what they love, and their passion goes beyond their own vehicles. For these people, passion is unstoppable.




Nintendo is a family brand that suggests gamers stop playing once in awhile. On Halloween, that invite was clearer than ever.

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Starring American swimmer Rebecca Soni (who would go on to win two gold medals and break three world records in London), this one-minute film starts by questioning our focus on the finish, only to remind us of the importance of the start – something no other company understands as well as Kellogg’s.

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Clear Words

Clearblue pregnancy tests clearly show the results on a digital screen. Yet we can’t guarantee our consumers a happy experience, because the truth is that while some women are looking to become mothers, some aren’t prepared yet. In order to engage consumers, we needed to show both points of view on pregnancy.




When a girl in Latin America turns 15, it’s a very special occasion. She is entering womanhood, celebrated by a traditional party called a quinceañera. Always supports the transition of the child into a woman, a beautiful evolution.

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In this spot, we wanted our audience to understand that domestic violence goes beyond physical violence; it involves losing control over one's own decisions and living a life oppressed by fear. Only by reflecting this reality could we win the public's sympathy for our cause and collect donations for Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

Coffee & Juice


Coffee & Juice

With Bounty Reusable, consumers can tackle more messes with the same sheet, so cleaning two different stains – like coffee and grape juice – is like cleaning just one.